Other Services



If you have a corporate video, ad campaign, movie, documentary or any kind of video that needs subtitles, we can transcribe the spoken audio, translate it and leave clear subtitles on screen in whatever format is most convenient for the client.

Transcribing audio to written text

Sometimes an audio recording isn’t enough and a written document is called for. We receive the audio file from the customer and provide a clear record of who said what.

Voiceover Recording

If you need the voice of a professional to improve the quality of your video, we have several staff members with vast experience doing voiceover work and studio-quality voice recording.

Document Editing

Some of our customers have to meet incredibly high standards. This is precisely why we offer the document editing service: to assure the quality of the end product, editing grammar, tone, the use of specific vocabulary and any other point the client may feel unsure of handling themselves.

Revision of documents in a foreign language

There are customers who know a second or even third language, but perhaps don’t feel 100% confident when it comes to writing. Here at InterPro Traducciones we can review your translated document and, if necessary, recommend editing in order to guarantee that the document expresses precisely what the client wants to say.

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